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Pan fried cannolis | 8

Fresh cannoli (cream-filled phyllo dough) pan-fried to golden deliciousness, served with caramel sauce, chocolate sauce, and different fruit compotes

Tiramisu | 8

Elegant and rich, this layered Italian dessert is made with delicate ladyfinger cookies, espresso, mascarpone cheese, eggs, sugar, Marsala wine, rum and cocoa powder. Served with fruit compotes and homemade sauces

Monkey Bread | 8

Brioche bread tossed in butter, cinnamon, triple sec, and sugar baked to golden deliciousness. Served with caramel sauce and homemade whip cream.

Xangos | 8

Banana and caramel cream wrapped in puff pastry served with vanilla Gelato, chocolate and caramel sauce and candied walnuts

Deconstructed no-bake cheese cake | 8

New York style cheese cake served in a creative new way

Chocolate Cake | 8

A decadent slice of fluffy rich chocolate three layer cake served with homemade crams and sauces

Affogato | 8

Espresso served with vanilla gelato and a biscotti

Assorted Gelato | 8

Rich and creamy Italian ice creams in assorted flavors

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