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Mud Pie | 8

Chocolate Cookie Cruste and Coffee Ice Cream Topped with Chocolate Fudge and Fresh Whipped Cream

Grand Fudge Parfait | 7

Garnd Marnier and Fudge Sauce over Vanilla Ice Cream

Death by Chocolate | 8

You’ll Probably Live

Gelato or Ice Cream | 5

Deconstructed no-bake cheese cake | 8

New York style cheese cake served in a creative new way

Chocolate Cake | 8

A decadent slice of fluffy rich chocolate three layer cake served with homemade crams and sauces

Affogato | 8

Espresso served with vanilla gelato and a biscotti

Assorted Gelato | 8

Rich and creamy Italian ice creams in assorted flavors

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